Bridging science & commercialization

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A Dedicated Life Science Strategy Consultancy

We bridge science and markets, the established and the upcoming, helping our clients navigate from vision to tangible results. Biobridge Partners is established to become an integrated player in the life science ecosystem, serving pharmaceutical and biotech companies adapting for the future.

Who We Serve


We serve biopharma clients at both HQ and affiliate levels. We focus on R&D and commercial functions.

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We serve biotech organizations of all sizes, from start-ups and scale-ups through to corporates with global commercial activities.

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Investors & Boards

We support investors and boards on critical investment decisions, separating value drivers from buzzwords and hype, and in realizing full potentials.

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Selected clients

Why we started this company

The life science industry is at the verge of unprecedented change. R&D and innovation models are changing, becoming more digitized and decentralized. Science and technology are developing at pace, creating hope for treatment and cures of diseases previously untreatable. Precision medicine and personalized treatments hold promises as well as challenges with the need to re-invent delivery models. The focus is shifting from healthcare to health. As a result, new commercial models are emerging and the way the industry engages with patients, healthcare professionals, and society is evolving. Driving change in the life science industry requires full attention to the big picture as well as to the layers of complexity beneath it.

We see the need for a strategy consultancy with full dedication to the life science industry. The need for a central ecosystem player to shape and forge new partnerships, cooperation, and co-innovation models. The need for a company that can help bridge science and commercialization, the established and the upcoming.

Biobridge Partners was founded to fill that need. We are here to catalyze positive change and improve patient lives.

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We are building a team of Curious Thinkers

Achieving our vision requires a top-shelf team with diverse backgrounds, all passionate about facilitating positive change for humanity through life science. The people we are looking for are curious by nature, driven by constant learning and opportunities to expand their horizons. They comprehend deep complexity and have the ability to go deep but also know when to push forward to drive progress. They contemplate big ideas and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. They come in all shapes and sizes, but rarely stay in the same boxes.

We call these people Curious Thinkers.

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