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How we work with life science companies

Clients engaging Biobridge Partners can expect:

  • Consultants that are passionate about making real and lasting impact for our clients, and will do what it takes
  • An experienced top-shelf team with sole focus on life science, bringing deep industry knowledge and a global perspective
  • Flexibility and client-centricity in the engagement to make sure solutions will work in the organizations they were made for



We serve biopharma clients at both HQ and affiliate levels. We focus on commercial functions and R&D.


R&D Strategy
  • R&D strategy and operating model
  • Therapeutic landscape assessment
  • Therapeutic area strategy
  • Asset strategy
Open innovation & ecosystem strategy
  • Partner screening and selection criteria
  • Partner identification
  • Partnership models

Access & Value

Early stages
  • Therapeutic landscape assessment
  • Early market access strategy
  • Early value story
  • Market access strategy
  • Value story
  • Payer research and adboard facilitation
  • Alternative market access partnerships (e.g., private health insurance)
  • Competitive landscape review
  • Market access strategy adjustment
  • Value story adjustment
  • Patient registries, RWD collection and evidence generation

Launch, Marketing and Sales

Launch strategy & management
  • Launch strategy and preparation
  • Affiliate launch preparedness assessment
  • Launch PMO and execution support
Commercial model
  • NextGen therapy commercial model design 
  • Value based models
  • Innovative contracting
Brand strategy & management
  • Brand strategy and brand planning
  • Market and customer segmentation
  • Branding and value communication
HCP & patient engagement
  • Omnichannel HCP engagement
  • Patient services and engagement


We serve biotech organizations of all sizes, from start-ups and scale-ups through to corporates with global commercial activities.

Research & Early Development

  • Funding support and investor relations
  • R&D strategy and operating model
  • Partnership strategy and partnership models

Launch & Commercialization

  • Commercialization roadmap
  • Launch strategy and preparation
  • Launch PMO and execution support
  • Commercial Operating Model design
  • Capability development / buy or build planning

Scaling & Market entry

  • Growth and go-to-market strategy
  • Market screening and prioritization

Investors & Boards

We support investors and boards on critical investment decisions, and in realizing full potentials.


  • Corporate and portfolio strategy
  • Therapeutic area/market scan
  • Partnership and ecosystem strategy


  • Target screening
  • Commercial due diligence (buy side)
  • Vendor commercial due diligence (sell side)
  • Post-merger integration

Value creation

  • Strategy roadmap and prioritization
  • Target operating model design
  • Interim CxO positions
  • Execution support

Selected Projects

Value story for a new biologic treatment

Development of a pre-launch payer value story for a monoclonal antibody, describing unmet need, clinical and QoL benefits, and value-added services. Tailoring of the value story for different payer archetypes and testing of the value story through payer adboards. Finally, training of affiliates in use of the value story for access negotiation. 

Brand plan for immunology biologic therapy

Development of a European three-year brand plan for a leading immunology biologic therapy. Identification of key leverage points across the treatment journey, and design of initiatives to drive patient benefits and commercial value.

Patient journey design within cardiovascular disease

Designing patient journeys in cardiovascular disease with a focus on cross-TA market development, identifying partnership opportunities for impact beyond the molecule, and identifying initiatives to improve patient outcomes through holistic care and patient services.

Omnichannel HCP engagement strategy and operating model

Design of a cross-brand omnichannel HCP engagement strategy, and roll-out of a global operating model to deliver omnichannel experiences. Design and execution of campaign journeys in pilot countries, and preparation of plan for global scale up.

Cell and gene portfolio market access strategy

Developing the market access strategy for a biopharma company’s cell and gene therapy portfolio. The work included recommendations for evidence packages, KOL engagement plans, innovative contracting, patient registries and infrastructure for RWE, as well as design criteria for treatment delivery networks.

Partners & Global Expert Networks

Leveraging global partnerships

Biobridge Partners is a strategy boutique consultancy founded on an ecosystem mentality – we are experts at what we do, but we do not do everything ourselves.

Consequently, we often engage and collaborate with other consultancies that have capabilities complementary to our own. This ensures that we can make an end-to-end impact on our client’s businesses, for example, by driving strategic alignment in projects that may include technology and systems consultancies, data and analytics consultancies, or other specialists.

We further rely on our network of partners to source global experts, KOLs, and adboards, as needed in some of our projects.


How strategy helps biotech CEOs address key challenges in scaling

A good strategy is both actionable and practical. It lays a clear direction for execution that enables distributed decision making and allows the entire organization to act with strategic intent. It ensures stronger execution and better use of resources. In this perspective on strategy for biotechs, we demonstrate how typical challenges faced by CEOs in small and medium-sized biotech companies can be proactively addressed through better strategy.

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